Lohr and its outlying districts

Diversity and conviviality: Lohr a.Main has a total of 10 districts,
each with its own unique charm.

The Old Town

Schools, shopping, work: central Lohr is a lively place where people meet.


Between orchards and the River Main, Sackenbach is an ideal place to live, work and relax.


In an idyllic riverbank setting five kilometres downstream, Pflochsbach is a wonderful place to relax.


The people of Wombach are often referred to as "Klößköpf" ("dumpling heads"). There is even a bowl of dumplings decorating the fountain in the centre of the village. 


Lohr's smallest outlying district is set in idyllic countryside, surrounded by orchards and fields.


A "foreign land" until the bridges were built, Sendelbach is now Lohr's biggest district. 


With its folk dancing, traditional windband, and carnival club, Lohr's southernmost district has all sorts going on.


Close to both the station and to the Beilstein hill, Lindig is a highly sought-after residential area.


The Baroque church and castle in Steinbach are well worth seeing.


Surrounded by forest, Ruppertshütten is the perfect place to recharge your batteries.

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