Vehicles & cars

Vehicle Authorisation Authority

Main­-Spessart District Administration
Peter Schram
Schlossplatz 2
97816 Lohr a.Main
Tel.: 09353/793 2100

Opening hours:
Mon to Fri 7.30 am ­- 11.30 am
Monday, Tuesday 1 pm - 3 pm
Thursday 1 pm - 4 pm

Have you just moved here? Do you need to re-­register your car at the new address? Or register a new car? If you have imported a car­ from abroad or brought a car from your old home town, you need to visit the Vehicle Authorisation Authority at Schlossplatz 2 (castle square) in Lohr to register your car and get new number plates.

Other areas of responsibility:

  • temporary number plates
  • seasonal number plates, e.g. for scooters or motorbikes
  • red registration plates, e.g. for the transfer of unregistered vehicles
  • the issuing and correction of replace­ment documentation
  • international approvals (export licence plates)
  • emissions stickers


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