On-call and emergency services

InstitutionHow to reach them
Emergency calls, rescue services and fire brigade112
Ambulance service19222
On-­call/emergency medical services116 117 (nationwide)
Klinikum Main-Spessartwww.klinikum-msp.de
Emergency medical serviceswww.aerzte-notdienst.de
Emergency dental serviceswww.notdienst-zahn.de
Emergency pharmacy serviceswww.aponet.de
Poisons hotline for children030/19240 oder 116 117
Poisons hotline0911/3982451 oder 089/19240
Hotline for children and young people in need0800/1110333
Drug­-related emergency services, Karlstadt Public Health Authority09353/7536 oder 09352/2351
Women’s emergency hotline0931450070 oder 06021/24728
Nationwide hotline for women0800/0116016
Telephone helpline0800/1110111 oder 0800/1110222
Emergency bank and credit card cancellation number116 116
Emergency helpline for power failures Karlstadt-Lohr0800/4959697
Municipal emergency helpline09352/848199
Emergency helpline municipal water supply0171/ 8306033
Emergency helpline municipal sewage disposal09352/89784
Emergency veterinary services/animal hospitalwww.tierklinik.de
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