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Lohr a. Main Town Council
Schlossplatz 3
97816 Lohr a.Main

Dieter Daus
Room 107/first floor
Tel.: 09352 / 848-214
Fax: 09352 / 848-8-111
ddaus@ lohr.de

Honorary citizenship is the highest dist­inction that can be awarded by a municipality. This honour is awarded to people who have made a special contribution towards the welfare of the citizens or the standing of the town of Lohr a.Main. There is a gallery of pictures of all honorary citizens of Lohr on the ground floor of the New Town Hall.

As well as honorary citizenship, the town sometimes also awards an honorary ring.

Please note that in a resolution passed on 30th Jan­uary 2008, the town council decided to strike from the list of honorary citizens all those nominated during the Third Reich.

Honorary citizens

Honorary ring-bearers

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