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    ... to Lohr's municipal library, with its unique historical atmosphere.
  • Newspapers & magazines
    You will find a selection of daily papers and magazines in the reading room.

The Municipal Library

Opening hours:
Mon: 10 am - 6 pm
Tues to Fri: 10 am - 1 pm
and 2 pm - 5 pm
1st Saturday in month                      . 
9 am - 12 noon

Stadtbibliothek (Municipal
Marktplatz 1
97816 Lohr a.Main
Tel.: 09352/848-484
Fax: 09352/848-488
stadtbibliothek@ lohr.de

Do you like reading? Or are you looking for information on a particular subject? In public libraries here you will find not only books, but audiobooks, computer games, DVDs, encyclopaedias, specialist literature and much

The library in the Old Town Hall has a historic setting. There is a selection of current newspapers, magazines and journ­als on display in the reading room if you wish to sit and read them during opening hours. There are also 2 PCs with internet connections.

Public readings for children or adults are also held in the library on

Annual charges
Adults €11.00
Families with children up to age 18 €11.00
School children, students, apprentices € 5.00 
Pensioners € 5.00 
The disabled € 5.00 

Small libraries in the districts

Please note that the local churches also keep small libraries:

  • Parish library of St. Pius, Lohr­ Lindig
  • Parish library of St. Josef, Lohr­ Sen­delbach
  • Parish library of Lohr ­Pflochsbach
  • Parish library of St. Josef, Lohr ­Stein­bach
  • Parish library of Lohr ­Ruppertshütten
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