Property & plots of land

Area management
Karin Müller
Fax: 09352/848-8-129

Area management for the urban area

Lohr a.Main Town Council maintains a land register for build-ing land. Private sellers can approach the town council and register the building plot that they would like to sell, while those interested in building a house can find out where there are plots available. The council’s land registry also lists plots throughout the municipal area that have been earmarked for urban development for residential or commercial purposes.

Real Estate
Katrin Ruppert
Tel.: 09352/848-127
Fax: 09352/848-8-127


Sale of municipally owned property
and plots of land

All matters relating to property are dealt with by the council’s Real Estate Depart­ment. This is where you can apply for a building plot for a private home or for commercial premises.

Building Administration
Stefan Burk
Telephone: 09352/848-413
Fax: 09352/848-8-413

Letting and maintenance
of buildings

The Buildings Administration is respons­ible for managing
municipal facilities and property. This includes the letting of municipally ­owned flats in particular, as well as the repair and maintenance of the relevant facilities.

Leasing of undeveloped plots
Christoph Franz
Tel: 09352/848-312
Fax: 09352/848-8-312

Matters concerning the renting and
leasing of undeveloped sites

You will find your contact person for anything to do with the renting and leasing of undeveloped sites in the Financial Ad­ministration department. Christoph Franz deals with leasing contracts with farmers, for example, or the firewood storage site in Sendelbach.

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The tap water in Lohr is of excellent quality. The Stadtwerke municipal utilities company processes water from six springs and two deep wells in six water-processing plants.

Lohr Town Council subsidises renovation works in the Old Town and in the outlying district centres. You will find out more in a consultation.

Preservation order? Building guidelines? Change of use? Arrange a consultation to discuss any queries to do with your building project.

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