The Bayersturm tower

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If you make the effort to climb the 147 steps leading to the top of the Bayersturm municipal tower, you will be rewarded with a wonderful view over the town's old Fishermen's district.

The Bayersturm dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries, is 40 metres high, and was once part of the town ramparts. With its long- and-short-work corners and Baroque dome, this sturdy tower stands at the top of the former fishermen' district, at the corner of Fischergasse and Turmstrasse. The Bayersturm is the only remaining tower of the former town fortifications. Another large tower, a gate tower, once stood at the top of the high street, next to where today's police station is to be found.

The tower is well preserved and has six floors. The uppermost two towers were occupied by the towerkeeper and his entire family, including their livestock(!). It was the towerkeeper's job to keep watch day and night and to warn the local population of fires or other dangers.

Where the Bayersturm gets its name ...
For more than 200 years, it was successive members of a family called "Bayer" that held the office of towerkeeper, and so the tower became known amongst local people as the "Bayersturm". Using money raised at various "Bayersturm festivals", the "Bayersturm Association" had a new staircase built in 1979, so that you can now climb to the top of the tower relatively easily. It is possible to visit the towerkeeper's flat on the top floor, and you can of course also enjoy a magnificent view from its little windows over the River Main, the town and the Spessart forest.


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