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Spessart Museum
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The square is dominated by Lohr Castle. The Counts of Rieneck and later the representatives of the Prince-Electors of Mainz once held court around the Schlossplatz. Even today, Lohr is administered from the castle square.

Lohr Castle

The castle complex with its four towers is a protected monument, and it is also known as the "Kurmainzer Schloss". The Counts of Rieneck laid its foundation stone in 1340. From the late 15th century it was protected by a moat and bridge on the town side, and on the outside by the town wall - well preserved to this day. When the last Count of Rieneck died in 1559, the Prince Electors of Mainz took over the castle. They gradually developed the building to give its current form.

In 1725, a girl called Maria Sophia was born here in the castle. She was the daughter of the Oberamtmann (Bailiff) Christoph Philipp von Erthal and his wife Maria Eva. After the death of her biological mother, her father married the beautiful but rather vain Claudia Elisabeth von Reichenstein. He gave his second wife a beautiful mirror made at the “Lohrer Spiegelmanufaktur” mirror and glassworks in the town. It can be admired in the castle to this day. This mirror bears an inscription that “talks” to the beholder.
Who else could this girl have been if not Snow White?

Today the castle houses the Spessart Museum. Snow White has her very own presentation in Room 113. There are also exhibitions on “People and the Forest”, “Hunting and Forestry”, “Robbers”, and “Glass and Mirrors”.

Tourist Information
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Kellereischeune former wine cellars

The former wine cellars of the Counts of Rieneck were built in the 14th century as a state cooperage. It was once a cooperage, where wooden barrels were made. Nowadays it houses the Tourist Information, and you can also reach the Old Town's underground car park from here.

Lohr a.Main Town Council
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Neues Rathaus (new town hall)

The New Town Hall was built in 1986 on the foundations of the former tithe barn. Previous buildings on the site include the castle stables, and a prison (1863 – 1949).

Spessart Museum

The Spessart Museum has been housed in the castle since 1936.

A guided tour of the town is of course the most efficient way to discover some of the most interesting
features of our town.

Book a combined tour of the town and Spessart
Museum (English tour

Be your own guide and discover Lohr a.Main for yourself.

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