Building Advisory Service

Building Advisory Service
consulting hours:
Monday to Friday: 8 am - 12.30 pm
Thursday: 1.30 pm - 5.30 pm

Lohr a.Main Town Council
Schlossplatz 3
97816 Lohr a.Main

Peggy Döhrmann
Room 018/ ground floor
Telephone: 09352/848-137
Fax: 09352/848-8-137

So you would like to build a house? Or modify your existing property?

Then Lohr Town Council’s Building Adviso­ry Service is an important port of call. They will be able to tell you how high you can build your house, or what design possib­ilities you have.

Or maybe you are planning to convert business premises into a private house? For that you need to apply for an official change of use.

You will be given the relevant forms to fill in at your advisory meeting. In the case of
older properties, our advisor will be happy to check whether they fall under any
preservation order.


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