Business development

Lohr a.Main Town Council
Schlossplatz 3
97816 Lohr a.Main

Business development & law
Hans-Joachim Hüftlein
Room 111/1st floor
Tel.: 09352/848-221
Fax: 09352/848-450

Huge corporations, small­ and medium­ sized companies, or skilled individual craftsmen ­- whatever the combination, a healthy economic structure is the driving force behind any successful municipality. In 2015, a special staff unit was thus created in the Town Hall to promote local industry.

The town council works continuously to promote the welfare of existing local companies. At the same time, it advises newcomers on the founding of new companies and on the development of businesses here.


All firms in Lohr a.Main must be registered with the town administration before they begin operating.

Trade Directory

Lohr a.Main has a varied economic landscape. Many industries are represented here.

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