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Waste & recycling

Waste Disposal Advisory Service
Main-Spessart District
Marktplatz 8
97753 Karlstadt
Telephone: 09353/793 1236
abfallberatung@ lramsp.de

Which rubbish goes in which bin? What counts as “special waste” (“Sondermüll”)? When are the recycling depots open? The friendly employees of the District Administration will be quite happy to deal with any questions you might have, including any special questions to do with waste disposal.

Disposing correctly of waste and special waste

The District Administration of Main­-Spessart organises the collection of organ­ic waste, paper, plastic packaging (yellow sacks) and residual waste. Generally, every plot of land in use must have a grey dust­ bin, whether it is used commercially or for a private home. The district administration’s Advisory Service for Waste Disposal will be happy to answer any questions to do with the disposal of any form of refuse.

Municipal building yard
Lohr a.Main Town Council
Wombacher Strasse 3
97816 Lohr a.Main

Peter Bechold
Telephone: 09352/848-490
Fax: 09352/848-451
bauhof@ lohr.de

Opening hours of recycling depot:
Thurs 5 pm - 7 pm
Sat 9 am - 12 noon

The following types of refuse are accepted in Lohr am Main:

In Lohr, the recycling depot is on the site of the municipal building yard. Please note that problematic waste can only be handed in there between 9 am and 12 noon on Saturdays.

Free disposal of:

  • used fats such as deep-­frying fat and edible oils
  • waste paper and cardboard
  • aluminium
  • CDs and DVDs
  • electronic waste (no cooling appli­ances)
  • cork (free of adhesives)
  • plastic packaging
  • scrap metal
  • polystyrene
  • tin cans
  • white, green and brown hollow glassware

Materials subject to charges:

  • scrap wood, untreated
  • mineral construction waste, such as tiles, rubble, porcelain or roofing tiles
"Yellow sacks" (for
collecting plastic packaging)

You can get your yellow sacks for the disposal of any plastic packaging bearing the recycling symbol from the entrance hall of the New Town Hall and from the municipal build-ing Yard ("Bauhof").

Full yellow sacks are collected separately from other types of waste. (See the waste disposal calendar for collection dates in your district of the town).

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