Boatmen and fishermen's district

Schlossplatz 5
97816 Lohr a.Main
Telefon: 0 93 52-84 84 65
Fax: 0 93 52/848-8-465

April - Oktober
Montag-Freitag 09:00-17:30
Samstag 10:00-13:00
November - März
Montag-Freitag 10:00-17:00

Fisherman's fountain

The fisherman’s fountain dates from 1983 and was paid for by inhabitants of the “Meeviertel" ("Main District”) to celebrate the 650th anniversary of the town's founding.

Town wall/Steinmühlplatz

At Steinmühlplatz you get a fine view of the town wall and the back of the Capuchin monastery. The latter was established on the site of the first castle of the Counts of Rieneck. As the site of one of three former municipal mills, Steinmühlplatz itself is also of interest. If you find the right window, by the way, you can look in and still see the old mill wheel. 

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