Snow White: Lohr's most
famous daughter

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So you didn't know that Snow White was from Lohr? 

"The talking mirror; the father, mother, step­mother and Snow White; the deep, dark forest and young boar; the dwarves and the hills; the glass coffin and iron slippers ­ - the presence of all these elements of the “Snow White” fairytale here in Lohr can be backed up with facts, figures and localities. The scientific methods of fabulology show beyond reasonable doubt that our fairytale really was played out between Lohr a. Main and Bieber in the Spessart forest, and that Snow White really was a daughter of Lohr... "

(from the book "Schneewittchen - Zur Fabulologie des Spessarts" by Dr. Karlheinz Bartels (German only))

... and anyone who doesn't believe it pays a thaler...

Our Snow White film

Snow White by Peter Wittstadt

Modern art meets fairytale.

What is reality? What is fiction?

Read more about the young lady from Lohr we now know to have been Snow White.

Creepy Snow White, by Valentin Lude

A young artist from Lohr successfully caricatures the modern Snow White statue.

Snow White on the park bench

Meet this modest beauty 24/7 in the municipal garden, the "Anlage". She would love to take a selfie with you.

Meet Snow White in Lohr

Our booklet "Snow White of Lohr"

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