The marina on the
River Main

Lohr am Main Recreational Boat Club
Peter Wolf
Adolph-Kolping-Strasse 41
97816 Lohr am Main
Tel: 09352/89 880
Mobile: 0171/7127113

Horst Hammann
Mobile: 0160/92670761

There are twelve berths for visitors in the marina in Lohr.
Welcome ashore!

The marina in Lohr is at Km no. 197.8 on the River Main - between the two locks at Steinbach and Rothenfels. You can anchor here in one of twelve berths for visiting boats. Our quiet little harbour for leisure boats is an idyllic place to linger. If you are lucky, the local Recreational Boat Club may even be holding one of its festivals as operator of the Harbour. They are always delighted to welcome visitors ... 

Dock and fill-up on provisions…

On foot you will need just a few minutes to get from the harbour to the centre of the old town, where you can stop for a bite to eat at one of the busy cafés and restaurants, or simply replenish your provisions and water supply.  In the summer months, you may well also be tempted into the sparkling blue waters of Lohr's open-air swimming pool complex, just a few metres further upstream, also on the bank of the River Main. On the other hand, there is nothing to prevent you taking a dip in the Main these days, either!

Lohr am Main Recreational Boat Club
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