Museums in Lohr

Three very special museums await you here

International electrical insulators, a world championship-winning motorcycle, the
history of our region, and indelible ink...

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Sunday
and public holidays: 2 pm-4 pm
Group visits at other times
by arrangement

Municipal School Museum
Sendelbacher Straße 21
97816 Lohr a.Main

Eduard Stenger
Tel.: 09352/4960
or 09359/317



The school museum

The School Museum in Lohr is famous well beyond the surrounding region. It is one of the most attractive museums of its type. Some 3000 exhibits give insights into learning and teaching as they were in imperial times and in schools during the Third Reich. Here you can take a fascinating journey back in time.

Opening hours:
Tues to Sat 10 am - 4 pm
Sun and holidays 10 am - 5 pm

Spessart Museum
Schlossplatz 1
97816 Lohr a.Main
Tel.: 09353/793-2399
Fax: 09353/793-2900

In the heart of the Old Town, Lohr Castle now houses the Spessart Museum. Here you can expect to meet Snow White herself – and lurking in the cellar, there are Spess­art highwaymen ready to pounce on visitors! The desperate poverty experienced by the former inhabitants of the Spessart forest is an important theme here, as is the forest itself as an economic factor. The delicate works of art and surprisingly solid utensils in the glass collection are also well worth seeing.


Opening hours:
every 1st Sunday of the month:
2 pm - 5 pm
or by arrangement

Insulator Museum
Collection of Lothar Vormwald
in former transformer station
in Haaggasse
97816 Lohr a.Main
Tel.: 09352/4795

This unique private collection comprises more than 600 insulators from 40 different countries. Probably the smallest museum in the world, it measures just 2.5 m² per floor. The museum’s curator will be there to greet you personally, and can tell you all sorts of fascinating facts to do with high voltage power.

This may also be of interest...

Here you can admire a private collection of some 50 series and racing vehicles, covering an area of 800 square metres. They include the original Mondial factory motorbike on which Provini won the world championship title in 1957. Other highlights are an NSU motorbike dating from 1903, and a working MAN steam engine dating from 1912.

Craftsmanship, customs and traditions, science: in the district of Main-Spessart you will find a wealth of interesting museums covering all sorts of subjects. The District Council ("Landratsamt Main-Spessart") has a comprehensive list on its website.

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