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Lohr a.Main Town Council
Schlossplatz 3
97816 Lohr a.Main
Tel.: 09352/848-0
stadt@ lohr.de

Heike Nickel
Room 003/ground floor
Fax: 09352/848-8-115

Martina Strauss
Room 003/ground floor
Fax: 09352/848-8-116
mstrauss@ lohr.de  

Welcome to Lohr a.Main!

Lohr a.Main is a town of around 16 000 inhabitants in the Main-Spessart district in Lower Franconia. With its charming old town and significance as a major economic centre for the region, it is a magnet for both tourists and entrepreneurs. 

The earliest known reference to the town in a document dates back to 1295. To this day, traditional industries such as the glass-making, wood-processing and iron industries are represented in the town. Did you know, for example, that the
typical "Maggi" (seasoning) bottle is produced here in Lohr?

For several decades now, Lohr has also made a name for itself throughout Germany as the birthplace of Snow White. There are clear parallels between the story of Snow White in the Grimms' fairytale and the life of the daughter of a rich 18th century resident of Lohr. Both guests and locals are confronted frequently with evidence of Snow White's presence throughout the town. So keep an eye out for her!

The highlight of the year here in Lohr is the Spessartfestwoche festival week. For the duration of this festival, which generally takes place in the last week of July, the town goes wild. The beer tent, music, fun fair and Lohr's legendary festival beer make for an unforgettable atmosphere on the festival site down at the riverbank.

Free "cultural walks"

Have we aroused your curiosity? Then why not join one of our free "cultural walks"? They take place every 1st and 3rd Saturday in the month. The meeting point for the walks is the "Fairytale fountain" on the lower market square outside Weinhaus Mehling at 11 am.

What do I find where?

Registering as a resident

Are you new to Lohr? If you are, you must register your address at the Residents' Registration Office within two weeks of moving here.

Waste & Recycling

The Main-Spessart regional council is responsible for the collection of refuse, organic waste and waste paper. There is a recycling depot in Lohr a.Main.

Parking in the town centre

Lohr Town Council and the "Stadtwerke" municipal utilities company manage lots of parking facilities very close to the central area. 

Vehicle Registration

At Schlossplatz 2 you will find a branch office of the Main-Spessart regional council, where you can register your car.
People moving to Lohr from else-where must re-register their vehicle here. It may also be necessary to apply for new licence plates.

Dog tax

If you have a dog, you must register it with Lohr am Main Town Council.

Gas, water, electricity

In Lohr it is the Stadtwerke municipal utilities company that is responsible for ensuring a sustainable water supply and wastewater disposal. The main suppliers of electricity and gas are the companies "Die Energie" and "Das Bayernwerk".

Schools and day-care

Lohr a.Main Town Council
Schlossplatz 3
97816 Lohr a.Main
Tel.: 09352/848-0
stadt@ lohr.de

Carmen Bachmann
Room 009/ ground floor
Tel.: 09352/
Fax: 09352/
cbachmann@ lohr.de

Day-care in Lohr

Lohr's youngest citizens are looked after in four municipal and four privately/church-run kindergartens. Some of the kindergartens also offer homework supervision for school children.

Schools in Lohr

Lohr is a traditional "schools centre", offering schools of
almost all types.

Dates & events

Online-Informationsveranstaltung zum Glasfaser-Ausbau

Da das Interesse sehr hoch ist, informiert die Telekom in einer digitalen Informationsveranstaltung ganz gezielt zum Glasfaserausbau.


Über die Liebe

Referent: Dr. phil. Florian G. Stickler
Eintritt: € 5,-
Anmeldung erforderlich
Volkshochschule Lohr-Gemünden

Alte Turnhalle


Lions-Benefizkonzert mit der Stadtkapelle Lohr

„Back on Stage“ - Zurück auf der Bühne!

Stadthalle Lohr


Märchenstunde mit Schneewittchen

Eine Vorlesestunde mit dem Lohrer Schneewittchen und Märchen
der Brüder Grimm

Spessartmuseum Lohr


Abendspaziergang mit dem Lohrer Nachtwächter

Offene Kostümführung, keine Anmeldung erforderlich
(FFP-2-Maskenpflicht im Bayersturm)
Kostenbeitrag: Erw. 4,--€ / Ki. 2,--€

Blumenhalle Hutzel


Flohmarkt Mainlände Lohr

Mainlände Lohr


Kulturspaziergang mit Schneewittchenbegrüßung

Das Lohrer Schneewittchen begrüßt die Gäste und anschließend begleitet Sie ein kompetenter Stadtführer durch unsere schöne fränkische


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