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Sweet Discomfort of Missed Connections OmU

Kulturkeller im Weinhaus Mehling | 20:00

Kulturkeller im Weinhaus Mehling
Hauptstraße 30
97816 Lohr a.Main

Tel.: 09352/2602

Weinhaus Mehling

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Hussen Ibraheem kommt in den Keller und stellt seine Kurzfilme vor.

Hussen graduated with an MFA in Cinema and with BA Interior architecture, Hussen Ibraheem is is a Lebanese filmmaker born in Beirut. His short films were awarded and selected in many international and local film festivals. He is developing his debut feature film, which received development awards and it participated in many script development workshops and co-production markets.


Sweet Discomfort of Missed Connections

Libanon 2018 16 min

Zahi returns to Lebanon to receive the corpse of his father who was kidnapped during the Lebanese civil war 35 years ago. Zahi goes to the hospital to meet the corpse of the father that he barely knew, but the body has disappeared again. Zahi finds himself stuck between two worlds where he cannot relate or communicate while trying to explore the possibility of such a disappearance.

• Mitwirkende

Zahl: Rodrigue Sleiman

Reem: Jessica Mansour

Nurse: Reem Khoury

Andrea: Elisabeth Kastner

• Crew

Regie: Hussen Ibraheem

Buch: Hussen Ibraheem

Musik: Chapelier Fou

Kamera: Marina Tebechrani

Schnitt: Kamal el Mallakh


Jordanien 2013 14 min

Three men and a girl, who recently robbed a bank, are heading home through the dessert. A tension grows between them, because they don’t trust each other.

• Mitwirkende

Rami: Abdulelah Aljawarneh

Dana: Emna 'Peeka' Ben Regeb

Mohamad: Ahmad Massad

Ramzi: Jebril Mohamad

• Crew

Regie: Hussen Ibraheem

Buch: Ameen Nayfeh

Musik: Philip Hashweh

Kamera: Shady Ishak

Schnitt: Abdulelah Aljawarneh & Hussen Ibraheem


Libanon 2013 7 min

Faced with an impossible choice, a young man discovers he is dead 8 years earlier to his decided time, that divine mistake can be only corrected by one of two ways.

• Mitwirkende

Julian Farhat

Tamara Mouhtar

• Crew

Regie: Hussen Ibraheem

Buch: Hussen Ibraheem

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