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The Old Town Hall, traditional Franconian half-timbered houses, the picturesque "artists' corner", the "Fairytale fountain", and the oldest inn in Lohr

At first glance, the centre of Lohr am Main is an attractive ensemble of half-timbered houses. If you take a second look, you will discover some real gems.

Half-timbered houses 

Almost all of the half-timbered buildings in Lohr are examples of the Franconian style of half-timbering. The oldest half-timbered building is a late Gothic pair of semi-detached houses with floors at differing heights (Hauptstrasse 3/5).

Also worth seeing and of historical interest are many of the beautiful doorways and house madonnas, as well as the old tavern signs.

Artists' corner

Ornate half-timbering, carved corner posts and a particularly fine example of a tavern sign with a gilded eagle are what distinguish what is known as "artists' corner" (Hauptstrasse 19-27). This ensemble of buildings is opposite the Old Town Hall. In former times, this was the site of an important tavern known as "Zum Stern" ("The Star").

 Lower market square and "Fairytale fountain"

The lower market place is below the Old Town Hall, flanked by the traditional taverns "Weinhaus Mehling" and "Schönbrunnen". Until 1936, this was the site of the "Fischbrunnen fountain", which is now to be found in Färbergasse. The "Fairytale fountain" by local artist Hermann Amrhein has 
played here in its place since the town celebrated the 600th anniversary of its founding in the same year. 

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